Game Design

Four years ago, I founded Mantis Digital Arts - a game design and application studio focused on K - 5 and family centric education. During that time, I have been one of the main designers for each of the games, platforms, and applications that we have delivered. This has included projects with Panasonic North America, South Dakota State University, National Science Foundation, STEM Fuse, Boys and Girls Home of Sioux City, and the Children's Museum of South Dakota.

Data Analytics

For the past 18 years, I have worked in various roles relating to data analytics, data mining, and information design. I spent 12 years working at SAP. During that time my roles included Technical Account Management for large enterprise customers (e.g., General Electric), Product Management and Solution Management for business intelligence software, and as a Product Owner for research into self-driven data mining, data manipulation, data story telling tools. My most recent role of five years is as a Principal Technical Architect with EV Technologies where I focus on customer relationship management, data software design, and user experience design for rich data applications.

User Experience Design

Whether I am designing digital games, board games, or rich data driven applications, I'm focused on designing in relation to the target end user. This not only involves creating the visual design. It also includes research into the target user community, leading workshops with both potential users and the design team working on the solutions, and running beta tests with the target end users to ensure that the design is meeting their requirements of being both functional and easy to understand.

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Buzz Whizz Bees
Buzz Whizz Bees is a game where kids take on the role of a bee as they learn how bees build hives, gather resources, and survive.
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Frucor - Sentiment Analysis Dashboard
Frucor wanted a group of visualizations for their marketing team to quick get an idea for how their brands were performing on social media in relation to competitive brands. In addition, they wanted to monitor how their brand recognition was improving during sponsored events.
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PGA - Rich Data Application
The PGA was seeking a redesign for how they allow their fans to view and interact with statistics about their golfers, their courses, and their events. This project had multiple goals which included not only a functional and easy to learn data application, but also a way to deliver statistics to fans who range from casual observers to PGA history fanatics.

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